Psilocybe Mayiescens spores,"Mazatapec"  spore print for sale

Psilocybe Mayiescens "Mazatapec" spore print


Psilocybe Mayiescens "Mazatapec" Spore Print

Welcome the Psilocybe Mayiescens "Mazatapec" spore print into your collection, originating from the Mazatapec region of Mexico. This species is famous for its subtle yet profound psychic effects and spiritual properties. It is an excellent choice for cultivators seeking a traditional and authentic magical mushroom experience.

Millions of spores are enclosed between two small sterile glass plates, allowing the spores to be preserved for a long time.

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"Mazatapec" spore prints

✅ Psilocybe Mayiescens Spores - "Mazatapec" spore print

  • Deepen your cultivation knowledge with the Psilocybe Mayiescens "Mazatapec" spore print, a strain that embodies the essence of Mexican shamanistic traditions. Named after the region where it was originally discovered, the "Mazatapec" offers a unique and enriching psychedelic experience.

  • This particular strain is known for its ability to take users on a spiritual journey, with subtle yet profound effects. It is ideal for those wanting to explore the deeper layers of consciousness or seeking a more introspective psychedelic experience.

  • The "Mazatapec" spore print is carefully packaged between sterile glass plates, ensuring the spores are preserved long-term and are of top quality. This purchase is not just an addition to your mycological collection, but also an opportunity to bring a piece of ancient shamanistic wisdom into your home.

  • Perfect for both experienced psychonauts and newcomers to the world of psychedelics, the Psilocybe Mayiescens "Mazatapec" spore print offers an authentic experience that brings you closer to nature and your inner self. Let the "Mazatapec" be your guide on an unforgettable journey through the world of magic mushrooms.
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