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Psilocybe Aurumescens spores, "Golden Teacher"  spore print for sale

Psilocybe Aurumescens "Golden Teacher" spore print


Buy Psilocybe Aurumescens Spores
"Golden Teacher" Spore Print

Explore the Psilocybe Aurumescens "Golden Teacher" spore print, a gem in the world of psychedelics. Known for its enlightening properties and gentle effects, this strain is ideal for both beginners and experienced cultivators. The "Golden Teacher" spore print is a popular choice for those looking to start cultivating magic mushrooms.

Millions of spores are locked between two small sterile glass plates, allowing them to be preserved for a very long time.

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Golden Teacher Spores - Psilocybe Aurumescens Spore Print

✅ Golden Teacher Spores - Psilocybe Aurumescens Spore Print

  • Begin a rewarding cultivation journey with the Psilocybe Aurumescens "Golden Teacher" spore print. This strain, beloved for its ability to provide insight and spiritual lessons, is a perfect choice for those seeking a deeper experience with magic mushrooms.

  • The "Golden Teacher" stands out for its mild but profound effects, making it a favorite among both newcomers and seasoned psychonauts. With this spore print, you can cultivate one of the most valued and recognizable magic mushrooms.

  • This spore print is carefully preserved between sterile glass plates, ensuring quality and longevity. Purchasing a "Golden Teacher" spore print is not just an investment in your mycological hobby but also a step towards personal discovery and spiritual growth.

  • Ideal for those interested in exploring the therapeutic and introspective aspects of psychedelics, the "Golden Teacher" spore print offers a unique opportunity to learn from nature itself. Add this valuable print to your collection and prepare for a remarkable cultivation experience.
Psilocybe Aurumescens "Golden Teacher" spore prints

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