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Buy 15 grams of fresh magic truffles 'Dutch Dragon’s' Sclerotia Psilocybe Naranja

Psilocybe Naranja 'Dutch Dragon’s'

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Psilocybe Naranja | Buy fresh magic truffles

'Dutch Dragon’s'

  • Magic truffles 'Psilocybe Naranja'
    Experience the Netherlands at its best with this orange truffle from our own soil. Feel invincible, energetic, and fiery like the orange dragon.

  • Net content
    15 grams of vacuum-packed fresh truffles

  • Ingredients:
    Psilocybe Naranja

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How strong are Sclerotia Psilocybe Naranja 'Dutch Dragon’s' magic truffles?
Magic truffles Sclerotia Psilocybe Naranja 'Dutch Dragon’s'

When buy magic truffles Psilocybe Tampanensis 'Philosophers Stone' ?

✅ When to dive into the world of 'Dutch Dragons'?

  • Imagine you're a seasoned explorer in the realm of psychedelics, gracefully and confidently traversing the intriguing paths of your mind.

  • Maybe you're not seeking an epic journey, but a leisurely stroll through the landscape of your consciousness.

  • Picture yourself celebrating existence, dancing in the kaleidoscopic parade of life, as fearless as a dragon in flight.

  • Envision a world where mythical creatures like dragons are companions on your expedition, and their fiery spirit adds spice to your adventures.

❌ Why not Choose 'Dutch Dragons' magic truffles?

  • Picture yourself as a novice explorer in the psychedelic domain, eagerly embarking on your first journey into the unknown.

  • Perhaps you're in search of the mightiest truffle known to humanity, one that will catapult you into the realms of cosmic wonder.

  • Imagine a journey that is deeply personal, an intimate encounter with the inner sanctums of your consciousness.

  • Or maybe you're venturing into uncharted territories, seeking the comfort and security of a solo adventure in the world of psychedelics.

Unleash the magic with Psilocybe Naranja:
The Dutch Dragon's famed truffles

  • Psilocybe Naranja, also known as Dutch Dragon's magic truffles, stands out as a unique and potent member of the magic truffle family. With its vivid orange color and powerful psychedelic effects, it is a top choice for experienced psychonauts seeking a fun, yet intense, experience. Whether you're celebrating King's Day or just looking for a weekend adventure, the Psilocybe Naranja is your ticket to a mind-bending journey.

What is Psilocybe Naranja?

  • Psilocybe Naranja, or Dutch Dragon's magic truffles, is a limited edition truffle known for its distinct bright orange hue. These magic truffles were initially crafted to commemorate the famous Dutch King's Day, lending to their vibrant color and festive nature. But it's not just their eye-catching color that makes them popular. Psilocybe Naranja truffles pack a potent psychedelic punch, making them a favorite among seasoned psychonauts.

The Dutch Dragon's appearance and packaging

  • The Dutch Dragon's magic truffles are easily recognizable with their unique bright orange color. They come in 15-gram packages, making them a convenient choice for those seeking a moderate but thrilling psychedelic journey.

The origin of the Dutch Dragon

  • These magic truffles were developed in the Netherlands by seasoned psychedelic farmers through years of selective cultivation. This resulted in a unique strain that brings a vibrant splash of orange and a potent psychedelic composition that every user can enjoy.

The Psilocybe Naranja experience

  • The effects of the Dutch Dragon's magic truffles are as distinct as their vibrant color. This truffle variety is known for producing a strong sense of euphoria and heightened energy levels, accompanied by mind-altering effects and visually stunning experiences.

The psychedelic journey

  • The Dutch Dragon's magic truffles can take you on a euphoric and visually intense journey. They are known to produce a strong sense of happiness and euphoria, making them a perfect choice for social settings or group trips.

Visual effects

  • These truffles are known for their potent visual effects. Users often report experiencing more vibrant colors, moving surfaces, and geometric patterns. These visual effects add an extra layer of depth to the journey, enhancing the overall experience.

The dosage guide for Dutch Dragons

  • When it comes to the Dutch Dragon's magic truffles, dosage is key. It is always recommended to start with a lower dose if you're new to this particular truffle strain, due to its high potency.

Recommended dosage

The recommended dosage of Dutch Dragon's magic truffles varies based on your body weight, metabolism, tolerance, and time since your last psilocybe trip.

  • Threshold dose (microdosing):
    0.5-1.5 grams

  • very light trip dosing:
    5-10 grams

  • Medium-normal trip dosing:
    12-17 grams

  • Full trip dosing:
    20-25 grams

  • Hero trip dosing:
    25-30 grams

It's important to note that these dosages are approximations and are tailored for a person weighing between 60-80 kg. If you weigh more or less, consider adjusting the dosage proportionally.

How to use Dutch Dragon's magic truffles

  • You can consume Dutch Dragon's magic truffles raw, ideally on an empty stomach. Chew them well to maximize the release of the active substances. If you're not a fan of their taste, you can also brew them into a tea.

Safety measures and precautions

  • While the Dutch Dragon's magic truffles offer a unique and thrilling experience, certain precautions must be taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

  • Do not consume Dutch Dragon's magic truffles if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from any mental disorders.

  • Avoid mixing these truffles with alcohol, drugs, or any other mind-altering substances.

  • Do not operate heavy machinery or participate in traffic after consuming these truffles.

In case of a bad trip

  • If a bad trip occurs, start consuming sugar and vitamin-C-rich food and drinks. The faster you can raise your blood sugar levels, the quicker your body and mind will exit the trip state.

Shipping and delivery

Psilocybe Naranja, or Dutch Dragon's magic truffles, are shipped to most countries. You can always receive a track and trace code to follow your package from door to door, ensuring a fast and discreet delivery.


1. Can Dutch Dragon's magic truffles be consumed with alcohol?

No, it's recommended to avoid consuming alcohol with Psilocybe Naranja as it can potentially alter and diminish the effects of the truffles.

2. What are the visual effects of Dutch Dragon's magic truffles?

Users often report experiencing more vibrant colors, moving surfaces, and geometric patterns.

3. What is the recommended dosage for Dutch Dragon's magic truffles?

The dosage varies based on your body weight, metabolism, tolerance, and time since your last psilocybe trip. For a light trip, 5-10 grams are recommended. For a full trip, 20-25 grams are suggested.

4. Are Dutch Dragon's magic truffles legal?

Yes, Dutch Dragon's magic truffles are legal in most EU countries. However, it's always recommended to check your local regulations before purchasing.

5. Can I drive after consuming Dutch Dragon's magic truffles?

No, it's recommended to avoid driving or operating any heavy machinery after consuming these truffles. The effects of these truffles can impair your ability to drive.

Unleash the magic of Dutch Dragon's magic truffles and embark on an unforgettable psychedelic journey. Remember to consume responsibly and enjoy the vibrant colors and powerful effects of this unique truffle strain.

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