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'Baby Hawaiian Woodrose' - Argyreia Nervosa seeds

'Baby Hawaiian Woodrose' - Argyreia Nervosa seeds

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Baby Hawaiian Woodrose - Argyreia Nervosa

Baby Hawaiian Woodrose - Argyreia Nervosa, native to India and notable in Hawaii for its psychoactive properties, contains LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide) in its seeds. Traditionally used as an anesthetic and aphrodisiac, these seeds offer mild psychedelic experiences. They can be consumed by chewing or as an infusion, starting with 2-3 seeds for first-timers. The plant can be cultivated in gardens, flourishing under specific light and soil conditions. Mc Mystic seeds promise a vibrant, mystical journey, part of the diverse range of Mystic Seeds with special effects.

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✅ The Mystical World of Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Argyreia Nervosa seeds

Discover the enchanting universe of the Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Argyreia Nervosa, a fascinating plant with an array of unique properties. This botanical treasure, steeped in rich history and boasting profound psychoactive effects, offers an experience unlike any other.

Origins and Historical Significance

The roots of the Argyreia Nervosa plant trace back to India, where it has been employed for centuries for its medicinal benefits. The plant has shown efficacy in alleviating various ailments, including diabetes, respiratory disorders, and arthritis. Additionally, it has been recognized as a natural aphrodisiac.

In Hawaii, the plant gained notoriety for its psychoactive properties. The seeds were also utilized as an anesthetic, which led to the Hawaiian reference in the name, giving us the Baby Hawaiian Woodrose.

The Power of LSA

Albert Hoffman, the scientist who first synthesized the potent psychedelic LSD, was also instrumental in the discovery of LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide), a natural psychoactive substance found in Argyreia Nervosa. This plant carries the highest concentration of natural LSA among all plants known to contain this substance.

The impact of the seeds can vary, depending on usage methods and even the consumer's last meal. However, the primary mode of consumption is either by chewing the seeds or grinding them for different applications.

The Mc Mystic Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Experience

The Mc Mystic Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds offer a unique, vibrant, and mystical journey. With just a handful of these seeds, users can immerse themselves in a mild psychedelic sensation, free of hallucinations.

Dosage and Consumption Methods

When it comes to consuming the seeds, careful preparation and dosage are key. Here are a few recommended methods:

Method 1: Making a Brew

  1. Thoroughly grind the seeds.
  2. Soak them in mineral water for roughly 24 hours.
  3. Separate the seed matter from the water using a pantyhose, sieve, or coffee filter.

To enhance the effect, you can also dissolve the soaked seeds in alcohol. To dose it, sip the 'tea' slowly over 20-40 minutes, taking a small glass of water or a few generous sips after each gulp of the Baby Hawaiian Woodrose tea.

Method 2: Direct Consumption

For first-time users, it's suggested to start with 2-3 seeds. Chew the seeds for a long time to allow the active substances to be absorbed by the body fluids. The effects typically kick in after an hour.

Cultivating Baby Hawaiian Woodrose in Your Garden

You can also grow these LSA seeds in your garden. Simply scatter the seeds in a sunny or partially shaded spot around mid-May, cover with 1-2 cm of seed or cutting compost, and water generously. After a few weeks, expect to see beautifully colored flowers sprouting on bright green, curly branches.

Mystic Seeds: The Power of Nature in Your Hands

Mystic Seeds is a brand that gathers plants with special effects from all over the world, including highly hallucinatory, mildly psychedelic, and exceptionally relaxing ones. With these quality seeds from Mystic Seeds, create your very own psychedelic vegetable garden!


Q1: How many Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds should I take for the first time?

For first-time users, it's recommended to start with 2-3 seeds.

Q2: How do I prepare Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds for consumption?

You can prepare a 'tea' by grinding the seeds, soaking them in mineral water for about 24 hours, and then separating the water from the seed matter using a pantyhose, sieve, or coffee filter.

Q3: Can I grow Baby Hawaiian Woodrose in my garden?

Yes, you can cultivate these LSA seeds in your garden by scattering the seeds in a sunny or partially shaded spot, covering with compost, and watering generously.

Q4: Where can I buy Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds?

You can buy Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds from reputable online retailers that specialize in selling psychoactive substances and related products.


The Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Argyreia Nervosa seeds offer a vibrant, mystical experience that has been recognized and appreciated for centuries. Whether you choose to consume them or cultivate them in your garden, these seeds are sure to open up a new, fascinating world for you.

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